Individual Clients
From tax preparation to financial planning, we provide personalized services to fit your needs.
  • Tax consultation - Our most popular service includes preparation of state and federal tax returns. Also included is tax consultation based on the taxpayers needs and changing financial circumstances. We also provide tax estimates and can plan out tax liability for current and future years.
  • Internal Revenue Service correspondence - In the event our clients require a payment plan set up for taxes due, we can assist in the setting up of monthly payments to the I.R.S. and all the correspondence associated with that service. In addition we can provide intermediary services for the taxpayer and the I.R.S. and help assist our client in audits

  • Personal Financial Statements - A service often overlooked is the preparation of an individual’s personal financial statement. This service benefits our client by better identifying their net worth and is usually required by many banking institutions for loans.
  • Financial Planning - Another popular service available is for those of our clients who seek assistance in planning their investment portfolios and designing a plan to achieve both short term and long term goals.

Business and Corporate Clients
From Incorporation to Tax Preparation, we provide personalized services to fit your needs.

  • Incorporation - For our clients seeking to create a new business, we provide services to incorporate your business. We can create sole proprietorships, C-corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, trusts and Limited Liability Company (LLC’s).
  • Tax compliance - We prepare all tax reports. Ie. Sales tax report, payroll tax reports including 941, 940, UCT-6, W-2’s, and 1099’s. Also prepared are annual federal reports, 1120, 1120S, 1065, 990.
  • Financial Statements - Preparing and providing monthly and quarterly financial statements, we can provide to our clients the necessary information to help maximize their business profits. This service also helps identify any potential concerns and weaknesses that need to be addressed. With the valuable information that the financials statements provide, we can present solutions and offer procedures to strengthen the client’s business structure. Examples of financial statements include Balance sheet, Income Statement, Comparatives, Cash Flow Statement.
  • Payroll Processing - Whether you have one employee or a thousand, we can provide all of your payroll processing needs, including generating and distributing paychecks and the payment of payroll taxes.

Other Services

  • Insurances, Investments, Assets Acquistions - Whatever services or assets our clients require, we assist in serving as intermediaries to obtain insurance, investments and assets at competitive prices. Please ask us about these special services.
  • Real Estate Holdings - For our clients who need to meet certain investment and tax strategies, we can provide them with some insight in domestic and international real estate investments.
  • Financing - Regardless of the amount you need, we can assist you in obtaining loans for any of your needs whether they be for personal or business.
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